You can’t be Happy, while you make others Sad. It cannot be One -sided! you have to be selfless rather than selfish to attain the true meaning of Happiness! And, If you think being selfish is all that matters for contentment… then you are totally wrong. Because, contentment is in the heart that is devoid of Vice and Selfishness is one Vice that’s not very nice!!

But, the question is… how much of a selfless can one be when people around are born selfish! How much can one be giving while the other is intended only in taking?? how much of one can be self-obsessed that they are oblivious to the other’s plight… ain’t a fellow beings emotion of any value?? Still, some heart are abundance of love…. they are like the flowing river that no matter how much you abuse and try to corrupt…. washes away all the impurities.

And I reckon, the more such hearts are alive…. Happiness is alive!



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