Time- Out!

While I sat whining about My Misery,

I saw Time, pass by Me.

I cried out, “Hey, wait for me! Stop there!”

Time looked at me and replied anxiously, ‘what is it? say it fast, i’m in hurry can’t wait for nobody!’

‘where do I find the treasure to this key? I’ve toiled  towards my future in pursuit of it….. now when I’ve finally found it, where’s the treasure that I seek? I said

‘Oh! didn’t you see?!’ exclaimed, Time to Me; ‘The past was calling you towards your treasure, the treasure that always welcomed you with open arms…the love of your parents and the love of your kids, and all such minute things, the precious treasures that fill the trove, only if you ponder ! while you in your ignorance were chasing  the future in pursuit of the key, the lame Luxury!

The Past was your true ‘Present’that held your treasure…. but, you misconstrued  that success, contentment and love were held only by the key…. while,  the treasure was there, always open  for you to See!’


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