The Train of Thoughts form a Chain of Thoughts….

YO! Mind stop the thrump!

Hey, why You blaming me for what your Beloved heart has done?!

But how can Heart do anything?…. while, its said “The heart is only for pumping, it can do nothing…. no emotion can be felt! .”
And, I know that’s You!…. You, Sometimes alibi as heart leaving your Rational froth & follow the Subconscious thoughts….. So, now Admit it!

Yes, yes I Concede….. I dwell in the irrationality on the folly called Love&Compassion, Sometimes…. as always get shattered, but again rise up as the Rigid Mind and promise never to fall for those emotion ever again!
So, You now! Stop playing the ‘Mind Game’ it’s My job, You See?! Just keep track of your thoughts and lookout not to besot!’

Oh, Mind! I know, the promise You ain’t gonna keep!
Time and again, You’re gonna succumb to the Subconscious thoughts that you, well, label as HEART!


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