If I write would you read?

If I speak, will you hear?!

Oh, my old friend… how much I miss you!

And, the days Bygone….

How i miss being around;

The secrets that you shared only with me.

Never blurted out to anyone!

I was your proud confidant and a dear friend,

I was the constant companion in your varied emotional sea;

When in anger you blared out at me;

When in pain you weren’t even able to scribble a 3!

But, I cherish the subtlety of the loving notes of yours;

Of, how I was the best thing in your life!

Your strongest ally, your proudest friend.

Oh My, Dear Friend. How much I miss thee!

As you were growing up, I grew old,

Amidst your young new friends, I was a neglected bore!

As years passed by I was more and more oblivious to you;

I cringed for once that you’d remember me.

Help and render me!

But, none which came to be to true;

Now, I lie here torn and distraught

With blotted ink all over me and chewing gum of some sort!

Here I’m your parchment in dust.

Somewhere in the attic or in the dilapidated dumps;

Yearning for you to again discover me;

And write to me once again lovingly as, DEAR Diary!Image


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