Words falter to describe,

The wonderful being that you are.

You are the beacon of light that shines me through in the darkest of the hour;

Oh, mother! What would I be without you?!

You spend sleepless nights just to see me sleep,

No matter how much you do for your kids, we always find fault!

Though sometime it breaks your heart…. you never fall apart!

But, even the simple triumph of your Child makes you so proud…

As if they have won the world!

Oh, Mother! you make me wonder?!

What are you made of?

How can one be always so self less, giving, full of empathy all the while!

In What has the Lord moulded you?

Are you an Angel in disguise?!

You shed silent tears for the sake of the kids,

You wish all the happiness in the Universe for Us,

And sacrifice all your desires just for our glee!

You are Shadow of blessing from the Almighty,

No matter how selfishly we try to run away from you…

You always follow us through,

In your prayers there is always mention of Us,

You never ask anything for yourself but happiness for Us!

In your lap do I find solace, from the miseries of world,

Miraculously all the worries turn into hope,

Such is your caress that none can compete,
In it I find my inner peace.

You are one esteemed Glory!

And, Whosoever say that women are weak……

Look at the Mother she has the strength of all men combined,

Though in appearance she maybe frail, but she’s the pillar that stands the test of times!

With Patience and Perseverance…
She can fight the Mightiest of the Might!

They say ” Heaven lies beneath the Mother’s feet!”. What more can one argue of her High stature while even the heaven considers itself inferior to her!

Mother, Mum, Ma, Ammi all resonate the power that is you….

Oh, Mother…. no matter how hard I try to distinguish your noblest traits, nothing suffices to describe the sublime you!

There isn’t a word yet, in the entire universal language that EXACTLY defines the Magnificent YOU!!

If someone asks me, what does MOTHER means to you?
I’d say a divine blessing bestowed upon a few!



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