A Wish…… A Cry…..

Hush, My Baby… Hush, hush,  stop the Cry!

Look, look here my baby, look your Mother is by your side!

Oh! How I wish to take you in my hands and fondle you….

To cease your precious Pearls from seaming through!

How, I wish to turn into a cloud and hover over, you;

And overcome, the blazing Sun agonizing you!

How, I wish for this torment to end…..

How i wish to take you in my hands and comfort you,

That this pain and sufferings will end soon.

But, all the wishes cannot come true!

Here I lay motionless next to you,

No matter how hard I try to come near you!

The heart pacing fast and every minute of My life ticking away from you!

The eyes are the only console that let me see the beautiful You!

Though My parting from you is coming near;

I pray that you live in a land of love and sabotage fear!

The land of Peace without discrimination and apathy…..

Where all live in harmony!

But,  fear grips me now….. will you be safe with me gone?

I fear that atrocity will leash on you.

Once, I’m gone who’ll look after you?

No, no…. how I wish to take you along!

You’ll be safe only with me.

Alas! the misery!

But,  I see the heavens answering me;

The sky bringing respite from the suffering…

Sometimes, bad can be an iota of blessing in disguise!

Come My baby, In the heavens i’ll sing you a Lullaby!


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