‘Is everything ready?!’ Inquired Sam in his baritone voice.

‘Yes, Chef almost!’ replied Dan.

‘What the….?! The Bosses  would be here any minute and you saying ‘almost’!’ bellowed Sam.

Sam is the Head Chef of ‘FleeFlaw’, an Upmarket Restaurant in New York city. He is a thirty nine years old, snobbish looking Sturdy guy with a frown like a plate mark on his face. Just in a short period of  time he made mark for himself in the NYC. He was complacent that none can cook like him in the whole of the City.

But, all this was broken when Dan entered his kitchen, his domain was threatened by this lanky, Six feet tall lad in his twenties!

The first time Dan set foot into the kitchen, he was praised for his Culinary Expertise with his very first dish! He was a self taught man, a prodigy of sorts.

The very reason that Sam fears would snatch him his job!

‘Show me the Lasagna, i want to check it before it goes to the oven!’ grumbled Sam, with a hint of malice in his voice.

Dan passes it to him;

It tasted deliciously Perfect than his, but he’d other conniving plans, he blurted out ‘ This one is lacking salt, do you want to serve a blunt dish to Boss, is it?!

Dan meekly responded, ‘No, I checked on it, it was perfect!’

Oh! So, you know better than me is it?! Who is the experienced one here, huh!

‘Now give me that’, he grabbed the lasagna and while Dan wasn’t looking he sneaked in a cockroach and left it to bake!

With a sly smile, he left the room thinking, ‘This is surely gonna take away his job’

While serving, Sam made it a point that Dan serves that dish to the Boss.
Placing the dish Dan noticed something brown popping out of it. To his horror he figured it out to be a Cockroach!

He looked towards Sam and noticed a wicked smile on his face. He’d tricked him!

Dan feared the circumstances he’s gonna face and loose his job! The Boss took a mouthful of Lasagna without noticing the insect while chatting.
He grimaced and called out, ‘ Who made this dish?’

Fear now gripped Dan, ‘I’m surely gonna get fired!’ he thought.

‘That would be me, Sir! he said.

‘Oh! I just loved the lasagna! i’ve never tasted anything like this before! especially the crunch part in it, it was all gooey inside. I couldn’t discern it?!’

‘It’s a chocolate coated marshmallows, sir!’, Dan replied with his quick thinking, feeling  relieved.

‘Wonderful! You get a raise, you’re promoted as Head chef!, said the Boss.

Sam is left flabbergasted!

This blog post is part of the weekly writing challenge  at The Daily Post



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