Life of A Nomad!

I traveled throughout the seven seas,

In the quest to find the real me.

Who am I ? what’s the purpose of my life, I quizzed the human.

But there came no reply, but only perplexed stares!

I roamed the earth like a vagabond,

Through drought of dryness to the severity of flood,

I asked the drought,’why do u suffer,

The acrimony of the sun and the harshness of the sky?’

To this the drought replied,’I never acknowledged the kindness of rain,

‘I used to complain,as to ‘O you, Damn Rain, won’t you ever Stop ?!’;

It caused it so much pain, that it swore to never rain ever again;

From then on, I repent taking it’s blessings for granted;

Now, I desperately yearn to see the rain again,

To fill the gaps in my land and flourish me!

I then, asked the flood ‘Why do bear the brunt of the rain?

It said, bewailing to me; ‘I’ve been unkind to the Sun,

Always used to fret ” O Sun, Stop shining upon me so bright,

Sometimes, I wish you weren’t on my side!”

It  caused the Sun so much Wrath, that it swore never shine on me again!’

But, now I yearn the warmth of the Sun to shine on me,

And respite me from the gloom;

I never understood what they meant, until I chanced upon a man who was bewailing all the while!

He was lamenting and regretting,

I asked him, ‘ Why do you Cry? Why do you suffer?!’

He bemoaned and said, ‘In my youth, I was such a brute! I never understood, kindness and love!

I used to take everyone for granted and be thankless for their love!’

His Very words, enlightened me like some epiphany the true meaning of Life!

Never be ungrateful for what you have, for you never know whenimages13 it’ll evade you!


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