Upturned Curve!

Smile, because life ain’t gonna be still,

Smile, You aren’t the only one down the hill!

Look around You, there is a dire drought of Happiness.

Sad, gloomy all about. None interested to talk about,

Eyes droopy, tired life. Do you need a reason to Smile around?!

Smile to lessen someones pain, a genuine concern to be Humane.

The magic that your smile does, it brightens the day without much fuss!

No jargon of words can ever compete, what the curve turned upwards does.

The Soul feels blessed, the heart feels light.

Giving a meaning of what is life.

It sees no Black, its sees no White!

it’s just brings along the shining light!

Smile, as it is a charity inexpensively grandiose.Image

Which even the riches envy, pursue to defeat!

Devouring in their own ego, none Succeeds!


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