Upturned Curve!

Smile, because life ain’t gonna be still,

Smile, You aren’t the only one down the hill!

Look around You, there is a dire drought of Happiness.

Sad, gloomy all about. None interested to talk about,

Eyes droopy, tired life. Do you need a reason to Smile around?!

Smile to lessen someones pain, a genuine concern to be Humane.

The magic that your smile does, it brightens the day without much fuss!

No jargon of words can ever compete, what the curve turned upwards does.

The Soul feels blessed, the heart feels light.

Giving a meaning of what is life.

It sees no Black, its sees no White!

it’s just brings along the shining light!

Smile, as it is a charity inexpensively grandiose.Image

Which even the riches envy, pursue to defeat!

Devouring in their own ego, none Succeeds!




The withering leaves sometimes calls to me, ‘Come, listen to unsung stories that You have failed to see!’


Oh! God my life is a living hell. Thought Martha cursing herself for she thought her life was going nowhere near happiness.

“Oh! what did I do to get this kind of life” First she was being made to leave her job and second her husband was uselessly sitting at home and gambling away with her money.

One day out of frustration she decides to end her life. When she is about to jump off the cliff .An elderly man in a cloak comes out of nowhere and stops her.

He asks her “young lady what urges you to take such an extreme step. Ending one’s life is not a solution to life’s misery”.

She replies to him harshly. ”Who are you to ask me such a question?”

To some IAM a Mystery and to some IAM Eternity” he replies.

“Whatever you are saying old man, everything is going over my head.  okay ! who are you and why are you so concerned about me.” questions Martha.

‘Alright, then child let me tell u who AM I.” I’m a Philosopher .”

“Oh! I should have understood by your previous statement that you are a Philosopher. Only a Philosopher can say and understand the things he is saying. Not a common man.” she retorts at him angrily.

“No, no! You are mistaking me I’m not a Philosopher who philosophizes life. I’m ”The Philosopher with ‘PHILOSOPHER STONE’ who lives on for Eternity”.

“Are you kidding me there is no Philosopher and all . It’s just FICTION”. Say’s a stunned Martha

“There you have it my child the answer to the previous statement. It is the belief that makes things happen.” says the philosopher.

‘Okay then, for the time being let’s assume that you are a Philosopher . But I don’t get how on earth did you land up on this place out of nowhere.” she questions him.

“This spot is the TELEPORTER to our Magic World. I had gone to the “PHILOSOPHERS PAGENT”  there. And when I returned I saw you down the cliff trying to jump so I came to stop you from doing so. Now you got all the information you wanted, so tell me what is your misery’, he asks

“What you have PAGENTS in the magic world?” Martha is stunned.

“Why are you so shocked my dear? .It is where we showcase our age. The one with best physique par age wins”. he replies.

“Did you win then?!” asks Martha amused at the thought of the PAGENT and the old man participating in it.

“No! My luck was bad I was not eligible for that”. He answers disappointingly.

“Ah! I’m so sorry. Why were you too old for that?”. She asks with sarcasm in her tone.

“No! Actually I was 100 years younger to participate in it.” he tells her sheepishly.

“Oh! My God! If you had to wait for hundred years to participate then how old are you now”. She exclaims amused and shocked at this revelation.

“Now, now my child. Let’s not divulge into the details of how old I’m. Let it remain a suspense as to say so. Now you tell me why do you want to die”. He quizzes her.

Martha tells him everything.

The Philosopher listens to her patiently and as she is finished with her story and goes into deep thinking, which eventually leads him to sleep. Seeing this Martha gets outraged and he is awakened from his slumber by the thundering uproar of Martha.

“Hey! Mr. Philosopher get up was I singing you a lullaby or what?.Are you here to help me out or sleep at the behest of my ill- fate.” she shouts at him angrily.

Ahh! what ?where am I and who r u?”The philosopher asks puzzled.

Martha gets irritated by this question and bursts out in anger at the Philosopher.” First you don’t let me die in peace, Second you tell me you are gonna help me, and now you are asking me who am I. Are you insane?!

The philosopher regains his memory and apologizes to her. “Sorry my child let me see what I can do for you”.

He searches for something in his cloak pocket for a moment and takes out a crystal ball with a dial in it.

“Here Martha, take this crystal ball.” he says handing it over to her


“What’s this crystal ball and how is it gonna help me? ”She queries


“My child this is not a normal crystal ball .It’s a BACK-TIMER” He replies.

“What’s a BACK-TIMER ”she quizzes him

“It will take you back in time and you can change a particular event of your past which you feel will change your life forever”. He explains

“How do I use It ?“ Asks Martha

The Philosopher shows her .”you just have to think of the event you want to change and press the GO button on the crystal ball.”

Martha thanks the Philosopher for helping her and returns home with the BACK-TIMER reckoning as to which past event she should change to make her future happy and secure. As she was trying to make out what part of her past she would change. Just then, her husband enters the house fully drunk and starts swearing at her as usual. That’s when she decides that would change the time when she first met her husband and would replace him with a rich man.

“Yes, that’s what I’m gonna do replace this old-bugger with a Millionaire.”She smiles to herself thinking of her brighter future.

As she sets the back-timer and presses the GO button .her husband enters the house again and swears at her again and again repeatedly .Martha gets confused for the same thing happening to her and searches for another button if any and she finds one with the word DEACTIVATE written on it and presses it.

A recorded message plays on it saying “Thank you for using our REVERSE-TIMER services. You are currently in the queue .kindly wait the queue of the helpline to DEACTIVATE it ”

“A what”. She is dumb-struck at this news and shouts out loud ”Argh,P-H-I-L-O-S-O-P-H-E-RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”.

Far –away in the MAGIC LAND the old philosopher is searching for his crystal ball .His wife chips in and says.” Oh! Honey how many times do I have to tell you to take your medications for your forgetfulness.But you just don’t listen to me. See this is the umpteenth time You have lost your one of your crystal balls and you don’t even remember what you have done with it ”.The Philosopher looks at his wife with a twinkle in his eyes and says

“Don’t worry dear, I might have dropped it somewhere .There’s always a Replacement for everything”.