Life of A Nomad!

I traveled throughout the seven seas,

In the quest to find the real me.

Who am I ? what’s the purpose of my life, I quizzed the human.

But there came no reply, but only perplexed stares!

I roamed the earth like a vagabond,

Through drought of dryness to the severity of flood,

I asked the drought,’why do u suffer,

The acrimony of the sun and the harshness of the sky?’

To this the drought replied,’I never acknowledged the kindness of rain,

‘I used to complain,as to ‘O you, Damn Rain, won’t you ever Stop ?!’;

It caused it so much pain, that it swore to never rain ever again;

From then on, I repent taking it’s blessings for granted;

Now, I desperately yearn to see the rain again,

To fill the gaps in my land and flourish me!

I then, asked the flood ‘Why do bear the brunt of the rain?

It said, bewailing to me; ‘I’ve been unkind to the Sun,

Always used to fret ” O Sun, Stop shining upon me so bright,

Sometimes, I wish you weren’t on my side!”

It  caused the Sun so much Wrath, that it swore never shine on me again!’

But, now I yearn the warmth of the Sun to shine on me,

And respite me from the gloom;

I never understood what they meant, until I chanced upon a man who was bewailing all the while!

He was lamenting and regretting,

I asked him, ‘ Why do you Cry? Why do you suffer?!’

He bemoaned and said, ‘In my youth, I was such a brute! I never understood, kindness and love!

I used to take everyone for granted and be thankless for their love!’

His Very words, enlightened me like some epiphany the true meaning of Life!

Never be ungrateful for what you have, for you never know whenimages13 it’ll evade you!



‘Is everything ready?!’ Inquired Sam in his baritone voice.

‘Yes, Chef almost!’ replied Dan.

‘What the….?! The Bosses  would be here any minute and you saying ‘almost’!’ bellowed Sam.

Sam is the Head Chef of ‘FleeFlaw’, an Upmarket Restaurant in New York city. He is a thirty nine years old, snobbish looking Sturdy guy with a frown like a plate mark on his face. Just in a short period of  time he made mark for himself in the NYC. He was complacent that none can cook like him in the whole of the City.

But, all this was broken when Dan entered his kitchen, his domain was threatened by this lanky, Six feet tall lad in his twenties!

The first time Dan set foot into the kitchen, he was praised for his Culinary Expertise with his very first dish! He was a self taught man, a prodigy of sorts.

The very reason that Sam fears would snatch him his job!

‘Show me the Lasagna, i want to check it before it goes to the oven!’ grumbled Sam, with a hint of malice in his voice.

Dan passes it to him;

It tasted deliciously Perfect than his, but he’d other conniving plans, he blurted out ‘ This one is lacking salt, do you want to serve a blunt dish to Boss, is it?!

Dan meekly responded, ‘No, I checked on it, it was perfect!’

Oh! So, you know better than me is it?! Who is the experienced one here, huh!

‘Now give me that’, he grabbed the lasagna and while Dan wasn’t looking he sneaked in a cockroach and left it to bake!

With a sly smile, he left the room thinking, ‘This is surely gonna take away his job’

While serving, Sam made it a point that Dan serves that dish to the Boss.
Placing the dish Dan noticed something brown popping out of it. To his horror he figured it out to be a Cockroach!

He looked towards Sam and noticed a wicked smile on his face. He’d tricked him!

Dan feared the circumstances he’s gonna face and loose his job! The Boss took a mouthful of Lasagna without noticing the insect while chatting.
He grimaced and called out, ‘ Who made this dish?’

Fear now gripped Dan, ‘I’m surely gonna get fired!’ he thought.

‘That would be me, Sir! he said.

‘Oh! I just loved the lasagna! i’ve never tasted anything like this before! especially the crunch part in it, it was all gooey inside. I couldn’t discern it?!’

‘It’s a chocolate coated marshmallows, sir!’, Dan replied with his quick thinking, feeling  relieved.

‘Wonderful! You get a raise, you’re promoted as Head chef!, said the Boss.

Sam is left flabbergasted!

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A Wish…… A Cry…..

Hush, My Baby… Hush, hush,  stop the Cry!

Look, look here my baby, look your Mother is by your side!

Oh! How I wish to take you in my hands and fondle you….

To cease your precious Pearls from seaming through!

How, I wish to turn into a cloud and hover over, you;

And overcome, the blazing Sun agonizing you!

How, I wish for this torment to end…..

How i wish to take you in my hands and comfort you,

That this pain and sufferings will end soon.

But, all the wishes cannot come true!

Here I lay motionless next to you,

No matter how hard I try to come near you!

The heart pacing fast and every minute of My life ticking away from you!

The eyes are the only console that let me see the beautiful You!

Though My parting from you is coming near;

I pray that you live in a land of love and sabotage fear!

The land of Peace without discrimination and apathy…..

Where all live in harmony!

But,  fear grips me now….. will you be safe with me gone?

I fear that atrocity will leash on you.

Once, I’m gone who’ll look after you?

No, no…. how I wish to take you along!

You’ll be safe only with me.

Alas! the misery!

But,  I see the heavens answering me;

The sky bringing respite from the suffering…

Sometimes, bad can be an iota of blessing in disguise!

Come My baby, In the heavens i’ll sing you a Lullaby!


Words falter to describe,

The wonderful being that you are.

You are the beacon of light that shines me through in the darkest of the hour;

Oh, mother! What would I be without you?!

You spend sleepless nights just to see me sleep,

No matter how much you do for your kids, we always find fault!

Though sometime it breaks your heart…. you never fall apart!

But, even the simple triumph of your Child makes you so proud…

As if they have won the world!

Oh, Mother! you make me wonder?!

What are you made of?

How can one be always so self less, giving, full of empathy all the while!

In What has the Lord moulded you?

Are you an Angel in disguise?!

You shed silent tears for the sake of the kids,

You wish all the happiness in the Universe for Us,

And sacrifice all your desires just for our glee!

You are Shadow of blessing from the Almighty,

No matter how selfishly we try to run away from you…

You always follow us through,

In your prayers there is always mention of Us,

You never ask anything for yourself but happiness for Us!

In your lap do I find solace, from the miseries of world,

Miraculously all the worries turn into hope,

Such is your caress that none can compete,
In it I find my inner peace.

You are one esteemed Glory!

And, Whosoever say that women are weak……

Look at the Mother she has the strength of all men combined,

Though in appearance she maybe frail, but she’s the pillar that stands the test of times!

With Patience and Perseverance…
She can fight the Mightiest of the Might!

They say ” Heaven lies beneath the Mother’s feet!”. What more can one argue of her High stature while even the heaven considers itself inferior to her!

Mother, Mum, Ma, Ammi all resonate the power that is you….

Oh, Mother…. no matter how hard I try to distinguish your noblest traits, nothing suffices to describe the sublime you!

There isn’t a word yet, in the entire universal language that EXACTLY defines the Magnificent YOU!!

If someone asks me, what does MOTHER means to you?
I’d say a divine blessing bestowed upon a few!



If I write would you read?

If I speak, will you hear?!

Oh, my old friend… how much I miss you!

And, the days Bygone….

How i miss being around;

The secrets that you shared only with me.

Never blurted out to anyone!

I was your proud confidant and a dear friend,

I was the constant companion in your varied emotional sea;

When in anger you blared out at me;

When in pain you weren’t even able to scribble a 3!

But, I cherish the subtlety of the loving notes of yours;

Of, how I was the best thing in your life!

Your strongest ally, your proudest friend.

Oh My, Dear Friend. How much I miss thee!

As you were growing up, I grew old,

Amidst your young new friends, I was a neglected bore!

As years passed by I was more and more oblivious to you;

I cringed for once that you’d remember me.

Help and render me!

But, none which came to be to true;

Now, I lie here torn and distraught

With blotted ink all over me and chewing gum of some sort!

Here I’m your parchment in dust.

Somewhere in the attic or in the dilapidated dumps;

Yearning for you to again discover me;

And write to me once again lovingly as, DEAR Diary!Image



The Train of Thoughts form a Chain of Thoughts….

YO! Mind stop the thrump!

Hey, why You blaming me for what your Beloved heart has done?!

But how can Heart do anything?…. while, its said “The heart is only for pumping, it can do nothing…. no emotion can be felt! .”
And, I know that’s You!…. You, Sometimes alibi as heart leaving your Rational froth & follow the Subconscious thoughts….. So, now Admit it!

Yes, yes I Concede….. I dwell in the irrationality on the folly called Love&Compassion, Sometimes…. as always get shattered, but again rise up as the Rigid Mind and promise never to fall for those emotion ever again!
So, You now! Stop playing the ‘Mind Game’ it’s My job, You See?! Just keep track of your thoughts and lookout not to besot!’

Oh, Mind! I know, the promise You ain’t gonna keep!
Time and again, You’re gonna succumb to the Subconscious thoughts that you, well, label as HEART!

Time- Out!

While I sat whining about My Misery,

I saw Time, pass by Me.

I cried out, “Hey, wait for me! Stop there!”

Time looked at me and replied anxiously, ‘what is it? say it fast, i’m in hurry can’t wait for nobody!’

‘where do I find the treasure to this key? I’ve toiled  towards my future in pursuit of it….. now when I’ve finally found it, where’s the treasure that I seek? I said

‘Oh! didn’t you see?!’ exclaimed, Time to Me; ‘The past was calling you towards your treasure, the treasure that always welcomed you with open arms…the love of your parents and the love of your kids, and all such minute things, the precious treasures that fill the trove, only if you ponder ! while you in your ignorance were chasing  the future in pursuit of the key, the lame Luxury!

The Past was your true ‘Present’that held your treasure…. but, you misconstrued  that success, contentment and love were held only by the key…. while,  the treasure was there, always open  for you to See!’